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Why Garaoke? they got the newest songs, best equipment, no other company in Ottawa uses wireless mics. good hosts who are fair and make sure everyone has a good time and everyone's included.
-- Matthew Elliott (AKA RETROSTAR)

Garaoke is King. It's karaoke done right. Awesome time and awesome vibe. Thanks Gary.
-- Aaron Berg (Comedian)

Not sure if you wanted comments from others , but here ya go anyway. "Always a good evening of Karaoke with Gary Sisson of Garaoke, thousands of songs, have not come up with one yet that he has not had. Keeps things happening. " "Just saying".
-- Dave Hayward, Ottawa.

I always stick around after shows at Yuk Yuks in Ottawa for a great time at Gary-oke!! WE sing, we dance, we drink... all things that make me smile!
-- Derek Seguin (Comedian)

"I party at Garaoke. It's the friendliest atmosphere I've ever seen. Everybody is treated like a rock star for 5 minutes at a time." Does that work?
-- Sam Easton (Comedian)

Garaoke is the most successful longest running non comedy revenue producer in our clubs 35 year history
-- Howard Wagman (Owner of Yuk Yuk's Ottawa)

"We had GARAOKE provide a mix of karaoke and dj services for our bowling banquet on April 29th, 2006. All i can say is Gary was very professional in his production ensuring fun was had by all which he accomplished overwhelmingly. We will be using him again next year. He was a HIT!!!!"
-- Alan Albert

"Recently, I was asked to organize a large office charitable fundraising campaign. I wanted to plan an event that would be fun for everyone, so we held a karaoke contest. I asked Gary if he would provide his karaoke services gratis as a donation and he very kindly agreed. In addition to providing us with everything we needed to organize and run the event, Gary kicked things off by singing a couple of songs and getting everyone in the mood for a good time. The event was a huge success and the highlight of the campaign, thanks to the help provided by Garaoke and our special guest, Joel Haslam of CJOH TV."
-- Joanna Estelle, Event Organizer-United Way, Agriculture Canada

emilypromo-sm"GARAOKE is one of the best karaoke places to go in Ottawa. There are thousands of songs to choose from and their karaoke host is extremely entertaining. You will not only sing more songs than you would somewhere else but you will also be blown away with laughter, great quality sound, and cool special effects all night long. Out of all the karaoke places I've been in Ottawa (and that's alot) I enjoy Gary's the best."
-- Emily Vinette, Top 10, Canadian Idol Season Three

View a video testimonial from comedian Darren Frost HERE